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Vacant Lots

The Land Bank owns a variety of vacant lots, some of which are a result of homes that have been demolished, while others may not be appropriate sites for home construction.

Adjacent Properties

If you own a property adjacent to a Land Bank owned vacant lot, you may qualify for a side-lot sale, in which you purchase the lot and merge the new lot with your existing lot.

Community Groups

We also consider lot sales to community groups who may wish to use it for a local project, and artists or farmers who are interested in activating the space through gardening or creative placemaking.

When vacant lots are available for sale, they are listed here below.

Vacant lots available 

Property Application

Thank you for your interest in purchasing a property from Sullivan County Land Bank. All interested buyers must complete and submit our Property Purchase Application.

Sales must be approved by the Board of Directors, and is initially reviewed by the Disposition Advisory Group.